Add Animated Video Characters to Create a More Engaging Website Experience

Get Your Message Across Quickly and Effectively with these Attention Grabbing Characters

In the bottom right hand corner you will see one of our 3D spokesperson characters. 

We can place these characters on YOUR website and configure them to say any message you like.

They are great for...

  • Welcoming visitors to your website, and to your company.
  • Delivering information on your products and services.
  • Guiding your visitors through your site.
  • Grabbing your visitors attention as soon as they land on your website.
  • Creating a 'talking point' for your business.

They are UNIQUE and will help your message and website stand out from your competitors.

We have a wide variety of characters that can be programmed with messages to suit any page of your website. We can install one just on your homepage, or on multiple pages - each one with a custom message.

Let Us Bring Your Website to Life With This Unique Technology

We can program your virtual spokesperson characters using our 'speech' generation technology, or have one of our professional voice-over artists record your message for you.

We would LOVE to give your website an edge over your competitors, and you will be surprised at how LOW the price is.

We Offer a Wide Range of Video Services

See more examples of the video services we can provide