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Generic Spokesperson Videos

Generic Spokesperson Videos

A cost effective way to add a professional touch is with customizable pre-recorded spokesperson videos. We add your company name, phone number and other text to a pre-recorded video. 

We can also provide custom video messages with live spokesperson models. Contact us for more details.

Custom Over Lay Videos

Custom Video Overlays

Would you like to "personally" greet your website visitors? Have a professional spokesperson do so? We can custom create videos using professional actors or use a "green screen" video of you or one of your staff. 

Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Letters (VSL) are a popular way to appeal to almost everyone, whether they like to read, watch or listen. From scripting to full production, we create custom VSLs that can promote your company, product or services.

Want to Generate Your Own Videos?

Scripts and Messaging

Scripts and Messaging

Video has become the go to method for online marketing, and is essential for communicating your message to your audience. Crafting a unique and compelling message that's right for you is the core of what we're all about in the Breakthrough Factory.

Click HERE or on the image below for a before/after video from one of our clients, along with her testimonial. See for yourself how connecting with her message takes it to a whole new level.

Below is another example of a client video where we collaborated on the structure and messaging. Our goal is to help you achieve a breakthrough in creating powerful and effective message that's right for you.

Custom Video Stingers

Video Stingers

Looking to spice up your videos and build better brand awareness? We can provide custom video intro and outro stingers. Check out some examples below:

Program Details

The Breakthrough Factory is designed in a much different way than the other programs you’ve likely encountered.

We personally direct and guide you through each step of the process in the way that’s right for you. On your schedule. At your pace. At a level that matches where you are.

We do this through specific, one-on-one mentoring. This forms the core of the program. In order for you to understand exactly how that works, we begin with your first mentoring session. It’s a full on, nothing-held-back meeting with our program director, Mike Broadwell.  It’s designed to give you a no-risk experience of what you will receive without any pressure or selling.

Hopefully you’ve noticed that we aren’t using any scarcity tactics, or making grandiose promises based on one or two outliers. We know that we’re offering tremendous value here, and don’t need a dog and pony show. We want to make sure we communicate that value to you, so that you can make an informed decision.

NOTE: We are offering a special half price introductory offer for the first handful of people to sign up during our initial roll out.

We know this program isn’t right for everyone, and because we only want the right kind of clients, it’s important that everything be set up on a win-win basis. We’ll be interacting directly with each member all the way through the process, so we’re just creating pain and suffering for ourselves by allowing in those who aren’t congruent.

Once you’re in, you’re in. We don’t offer refunds – for several reasons. Obviously, we’re devoting a considerable amount of one-on-one time with you. We can’t get that back. That’s understandable, and is standard for coaching/consulting work. But even more importantly, you need to be committed to making this work. In a real sense, your whole world changes when you make a firm commitment.

There’s yet another vital reason for this policy. We want to put our full energy and focus on helping you move forward. We’ve designed this program to ensure we do that. If we’re pulled away to constantly mollify people who aren’t committed and not sure and ready to quit when something difficult comes up (which it will) then we can’t devote full effort to those who deserve it. So let’s eliminate that possibility!

Take a good look at what we’re offering, check out the team members who’ll be providing the group training, and schedule your first session if it’s right for you.


Meet the Team

We've assembled a full team of expert trainers in the Breakthrough Factory. Our specialists have spent years working in their field of expertise. We are continually adding to the team as we find people we trust who are congruent with what we're doing and have proven expertise to share.

Each specialist will be providing training in a group setting, and then following up with live Q&A sessions. They will also be taking part in the group mastermind, so you'll be able to ask questions and interact on an ongoing basis.

You can hear interviews with our team members and learn more about what they'll be bringing at our team member hub.?